Our Services:

Our Specialists treat a range of ear, nose and throat issues in both adults and children including, but not limited to:

Conditions and surgery of the ear…

  • Hearing and deafness

  • Hearing aids and how to get one

  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

  • Dizziness and vertigo

  • Infections of the ear

  • Glue ear

  • Grommets

  • Perforated ear drum

  • Cholesteatoma/mastoid operations

  • Otosclerosis

  • Meniere’s disease

  • Vestibular migraine

Conditions of the nose…

  • Sinus infection (Sinusitis)

  • Nasal injuries

  • Nasal polyps

  • Tumours of the nose

  • Nasal obstructions

  • Surgery on the nose - Rhinoplasty

  • Surgery on the nose - Septal surgery

  • Allergic Rhinitis (hayfever) including immunotherapy.

Conditions of the throat…

  • Adenoid surgery

  • Tonsil surgery

  • Sore throat

  • Oesophagoscopy

  • Hoarseness and laryngitis

  • Snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea

  • Full workup and accelerated referral to multidisciplinary team at major public hospital..

    A referral is required from your local GP prior to attending.