Common Questions

Why do I need a current referral?

➤ A current referral is required to claim a rebate from Medicare.

Why does the referral need to be sent before the consultation?

➤ The referral outlines the nature of your condition. Our Specialists will review the referral to ensure an appropriate appointment time is offered.

Can someone attend the consultation with me?

➤ You are welcome to attend the appointment with a relative or friend if you wish.

How can I make the most of my consultation?

➤ Bring all x-rays and test results with you to your consultation, and make a list of questions you may need to ask our Specialists.

Why do I have to pay a fee to see a specialist?

➤ This is a private practice offering fee-for-service consultations with our Specialists. Services without out-of-pocket costs are available through the Public Health System. Please ask your GP for referral to these services.

What is an Ear Toilette and why would I need to have one?

➤ Ear Toileting is used to clean the ear canal, including removal of foreign objects, pus/debris or softened wax. It should only be performed by staff with the appropriate training and assessment skills.

What is a Nasendoscopy and why would I need to have one?

➤ Nasendoscopy involves passing a small flexible telescope, about the size of a piece of spaghetti, into the nostrils, to look directly at all parts of the nose, the back of the nose, and the throat, as far down as the voice box and beginning of the food pipe. The procedure takes about one minute in total, and a numbing spray is used to make the experience more comfortable. Performing a Nasendoscope allows our Specialists to make an accurate diagnosis of nose and throat conditions, as well as many ear problems, and will often avoid the need for more expensive and invasive investigations.

Do your specialists see all ear, nose and throat conditions?

➤ Yes. Our Specialists can assess and diagnose all ENT conditions. We are skilled in treating most conditions in this area. Although there are a small number of very complex ENT operations that we do not perform, we will facilitate rapid referral to another colleague skilled in these if appropriate for your care.

What is No-Gap and Known-Gap Insurance Agreements?

➤ Please contact your health fund to understand if you have No-Gap or Known-Gap insurance cover. Known-Gap policies will see you pay for only an agreed amount of the Surgeons fees direct to the Surgery, with the rest being claimed by the Surgery from your insurer. A No-Gap policy sees an agreed amount claimed by the Surgery from your insurer, with no portion paid to the surgery by yourself. These policies are only offered if the Surgeon participates in No-Gap agreements. This practice does not participate in no-gap agreements with any health fund. Where the practice has a known-gap agreement with your health fund, the known gap will be charged. In all other circumstances, the full amount of the procedure will be charged and you can claim separately from your health fund after the procedure is performed.

What if I have no private health insurance?

➤ Our Specialists see uninsured patients privately. Health insurance doesn't cover any consultation costs within the room, and would only usually apply when you're admitted to a private hospital for surgery. If you do require surgery, you have the options of being referred to a public hospital wait list, or performing the surgery privately at your own cost. We can advise on these options after your consultation.

What if I want to seek a second opinion?

➤ Our Specialists are happy to provide you with a referral to other local surgeons should you require a second opinion.

How can I find out more about ENT ON THE BAY?

➤ Please peruse our website to find out more information about our clinic and our Specialists If you have any questions please contact our reception staff on 03 9596 9955 or